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[2009-2010] Sensitive indicator species in an urban ecosystem – a study on House sparrow

Sensitive indicator species in an urban ecosystem – a study on House sparrow (Passer domesticus)

By Dhanya R. Research associate
Wildlife Research and Conservation Trust India

Supervised by
Dr. Ho Zoo LEA
Professor, Eco-Peace Leadership Center
Kangwon National University

House sparrow is a synanthropic bird species. In many parts of the world the decline of the species has been reported. The current study initiated a participatory management programme to conserve such synanthropic bird species. The status of House sparrow was very low towards the highly urbanized area. The density of the sparrows was high in village. The landscape analysis showed village is having more open and cultivated landscapes. This will directly support the sparrow by providing food sources and roosting sites. While in urban and suburban area the landmass is majorly covered with concreted/built up areas. Such land masses would not be conducive enough for the species to survive. The students could identify 21 sites for the future House sparrow conservation programme. The historic mapping of birds could bring out the truth that the selected 27 species of birds are currently declining. The historic mapping of birds and ‘spot the sparrow’ data sheet helped to contribute public concern towards the issue.

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